Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme Essential Oil

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Thyme chemotype linalol essential oil is good for supporting the bodies immune system and soothing painful, inflamed muscles. It is a great essential oil to use for cold and flu season, to support overall health and for those who are prone to getting sick often.

There are 2 main chemotypes of Thyme essential oil on the market. Thyme chemotype thymol and chemotype linalol. The one we sell is chemotype linalol. It is a gentle oil safe for adults and children with no known safety concerns.

Other Holistic Health Benefits:

  • Calming and soothing
  • Quiets the mind
  • Good for nervous fatigue
  • Good for clearing acne

Thyme Essential Oil is steam distilled from the flowers.

Certified Organic Thymus zygis ct linalol (Thyme) Oil

Kokokahn's pure essential oils are 10ml or about 200 drops

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