Sawyer Farm Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Sawyer Farm Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Sawyer Farm

Sawyer Farm Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

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Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Massachusetts

From seed to bottle, the only time our hemp leaves our hands is when we deliver it to the laboratory where the cannabinoids are extracted from the flowers. Their technicians test to make sure there are no heavy metals, chemicals, or any other contaminants, verify the milligrams of CBD per bottle, and analyze each batch for cannabinoid content. We then send samples to a second lab to confirm the results (this is known as third-party testing).


Sawyer Farm is an organic, horse-powered family farm in Worthington, MA. We've been growing vegetables and raising animals to feed ourselves and our community since 2010. We’ve used horse and human power from the start, and have never used chemicals or sprayed a thing. Our goal has always been to connect ourselves and our community to our local ecosystem — to the specific place we live and care for, and that cares for us. We mostly manage that ecosystem for its own health, and we skim off a little excess productivity every year for our human friends. The rest goes back into the soil, or into the animals on the farm (in the barn, but also in the pastures and woods).

We are excited to offer you Sawyer Farm’s first strictly medicinal product (because, of course, good food is the best medicine), grown in the way that we’ve grown all all our other crops for the last ten years.