Newton Homeopathics


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Helps relieve symptoms such as redness, inflammation, bumps, pustules, dryness, burning & soreness of the face.

Directions: Oral Use Only. Ages 12 & up, take 6 drops orally one to four times daily or as directed by health professional. Ages 0 to 11 take 3 drops.


Active Ingredients: Equal parts of Echinacea 6x, Taraxacum officinale 6x, Arsenicum album 15x, Arsenicum bromatum 15x, Carbo animalis 15x, Causticum 15x, Hydrocotyle asiatica 15x, Kali bromatum 15x, Kali iodatum 15x, Kreosotum 15x, Lycopodium clavatum 15x, Nux vomica 15x, Petroleum 15x, Rhus tox 15x, Sepia 15x, Sulphur 15x.
Liquid Inactive Ingredients: USP Purified water; USP Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic cane alcohol 20%.
Pellet Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free, non-GMO, organic beet-derived sucrose (lactose free) pellets.