OraMax-Complete Oral Health Complex 60 dissolvable tablets
OraMax-Complete Oral Health Complex 60 dissolvable tablets
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OraMax-Complete Oral Health Complex 60 dissolvable tablets

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Brush. Floss. OraMax™

Research indicates that the oral microbiome is as essential to good health as the gut microbiome. Additionally, we now know that periodontal health and a vibrant oral microbiome promote cardiovascular health and systemic immune function. Therefore, practitioners must support their patients’ oral health as part of their whole-body health.

OraMax™ is a comprehensive oral health solution in a dissolvable tablet with a Cool Cinnamon taste.

OraMax™ features probiotics, enzymes, nutrients, and herbs to support a healthy oral microbiome, promote biofilm disruption, and provide antioxidant protection. Each ingredient is backed by research to support a healthy oral microbiome and nurture healthy teeth and gums.*

Mechanisms of Action:

  • Restores a healthy oral microbiome*
  • Disrupts dental biofilms (plaque)*
  • Promotes normal gum tissue via a healthy regulatory cytokine response*
  • Crowds out bad bacteria*
  • Influences oral microbiome & systemic immune response*

Ingredient benefits:

  • Probiotic complex crowds out bad bacteria that cause bad breath, cavities, plaque (dental biofilms), and restores a healthy oral microbiome.*
  • Lysozyme supports healthy biofilm disruption.*
  • Green tea provides antioxidant support to the teeth and gums.*
  • Cinnamon provides antioxidants plus supports microbial balance.*