Elderberry Wellness Honey
Elderberry Wellness Honey
Hudson Hives

Elderberry Wellness Honey

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Our WINTER WELLNESS HONEY helps balance and strengthen immune system function. 


A healthy immune system protects your body from invaders and fights swiftly and effectively when you need it. Do your best to keep these things in check which can zap your immunity: sleep deprivation, stress, dehydration, poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol and sugar. 


Made with Hudson Hives’ Raw Honey, gently infused with Elderberry*, Astragalus Root*, Ginger Root*, Cinnamon*, Cloves*


Astragalus Root strengthens and stimulates your immune system 


Elderberries help immune system fend off viral invaders and helps to keep immune system in tip top shape


Ginger Root,  Cinnamon and Cloves bring synergy to the honey


Honey helps to sooth coughs and sore throats. 


Add to tea, yogurt or smoothie or take by the spoonful. Take once a day for preventative measures or every hour or so with the onset of cold or flu.