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Headache HP
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Headache HP

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An estimated 17.6 percent of women and 6 percent of men in the United States experience headaches on more than an occasional basis, and some 20 million regularly experience cluster and migraine headaches. Common causes of headache include stress; tension; anxiety; allergies; constipation; coffee consumption; eyestrain; hunger; sinus pressure; muscle tension; hormonal imbalances; tempormandibular joint syndrome; trauma to the head; nutritional deficiencies; the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco; fever; and exposure to irritants such as pollution, perfume, or after-shave lotions.

Headaches can also be a sign of an underlying health problem. People who suffer from frequent headaches may be reacting to certain foods and food additives. Other possibilities to consider are anemia, bowel problems, brain disorders such as tumors, bruxism, hypertension, hypoglycemia, sinusitis, spinal misalignment, toxic overdoses of vitamin A, vitamin B deficiency, and diseases of the eye, nose, and throat. Dehydration also can cause headaches.

Belladonna 30X - Throbbing, hammering headache, worse temples, worse motion. Pain, fullness, especially in forehead, also occiput and temples. Pain worse light, noise, jar lying down and in afternoon. Vascular headache. Headache from suppressed catarrhal flow.

Bryonia Alba 30X – Migraine headaches, worse on any motion, even of eyeballs. Bursting, splitting headache, as if everything would be pressed out. Scalp very sensitive, cannot bear even a soft brush, every hair pains. Frontal headache, frontal sinuses involved.

Gelsemium Sempervirens 30X – Band-feeling around and occipital headache. Pain in temple, extending into ear and wing of nose, chin. Headache with muscular soreness of neck and shoulders. Scalp sore to touch. Swollen feeling in head.

Glonoinum 30X – Throbbing and bursting headache. Waves of terrible, pounding, headache. Sunstroke, heat on head. Head heavy, but cannot lay it on pillow. Cerebral congestion. Headache better from sleep. As if blood were surging back and forth.

Melilotus Officinalis – Rushes of blood to head. Violent, throbbing, congestive, nervous and periodical headaches. Headache with retching, vomiting, block spots before eyes. Fullness all over head. Sick headache, relieved by nosebleed or menstrual flow.

Natrum Muriaticum 30X – Migraine headaches, bursting, on coughing, maddening, heavy. Blinding headache. Anemic headaches of schoolgirls, nervous, discouraged. Frontal sinus inflammation. Headaches, over eyes, on vertex with partial numbness or disturbed vision.

Nux Vomica 30X – Headache in occiput or over eyes with vertigo. Headache from excessive alcohol. Migraines. Frontal headache. Headache in the sunshine. Pressing pain on vertex, as if a nail driven in. Scalp sensitive.

Silicea 30X – Migraine. Sick headaches as if coming from spine and locating over one eye. Headache while fasting or when not eating at proper time. Pain begins at occiput and spreads over head and settles over eyes. Vertex throbs.

Spigelia Anthelmintica 30X – Pain from beneath frontal eminence and temples, extending to eyes. Pain as if a band around head. Pain from left occiput to over left eye, worse stooping, making a false step, opening mouth. Supraorbital neuralgia.