Go-Lacta® Classic Tea -*NEW*
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Go-Lacta® Classic Tea -*NEW*

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Featuring our newest product, Go-Lacta® Classic Tea Made for Moms!

Enjoy the same benefits of The Original Premium Malunggay Leaves in tea form!

Go-Lacta®'s pure, premium Malunggay flakes are combined with roasted brown rice. Together, the two help mom keep fluid intake up and increase breast milk production, as well as give mom her own satisfying drink of choice.

Each tea bag is made of non-bleached, chlorine-free hemp, making it biodegradable. ***REUSE the bag! Dry the hemp bag and pamper yourself with a wonderful hand-made loofa!

One tea bag makes 1 liter of tea that can be enjoyed throughout the day--hot and cold!

1 pouch includes 12 tea bags.


The next study measured the weight and length of babies whose moms were taking malunggay (Go-Lacta®) or a control. Babies of the moms taking Malunggay were substantially larger than the control babies, and the babies whose mom was taking Malunggay twice a day were even bigger.



"This study has shown that the use of malunggay [Go-Lacta®] leaves capsule is effective and safe for the augmentation of breastmilk among mothers." In Table 2, it shows that by day 10 the moms taking malunggay (Go-Lacta®) are producing more than twice as much milk as the control moms.