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Bronchi HP
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Bronchi HP

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For the relief of chronic bronchitis and inflammation of the bronchial tree. Bronchitis refers to a severe inflammation of the bronchial tubes, with symptoms ranging from chills, fever, and coughing, to difficulty breathing and pain in the chest. Acute bronchitis is a mild, short attack, sometimes accompanied by a secondary bacterial infection, while chronic bronchitis is characterized by constant inflammation, often accompanied by irritation of the bronchi, but without any infectious component. Bronchitis can be caused by infection, exposure to cold, or noxious agents. It is seen much more commonly in the winter as it usually follows some form of upper respiratory infection, such as a cold. Smokers or those exposed to excessive secondhand smoke may also be more vulnerable to chronic bronchitis.

Carbo Vegetabilis 30X – Breathing laborious, quick and short, worse walking. Wants to take a deep breath. Cough with burning in chest. Alternate chill and heat. Chill begins in forearm. Occasional spells of long coughing attacks.

Cuprum Metallicum 30X – Cough in violent paroxysms, coughs herself out of breath. Chilly. Sweat, cold, clammy, at night. Spasm and constriction of chest. Loud rattling in chest.

Drosera Rotundifolia 30X – Cough very deep and hoarse, worse after midnight. Fever with headache and convulsive cough. Chilliness during the day, heat during the night. Tightness of the chest on coughing.

Ipecacuanha 30X – Cough incessant and violent with every breath. Loose, coarse rattle in chest without expectoration. Constriction in chest. Intermittent fever. Chill alternating with heat.

Lachesis Mutus 30X – Sensation of suffocation and strangulation on lying down. Cough dry, suffocative fits. Feels he must take a deep breath. Chilly in back, feet icy cold, hot flushes and hot perspiration.

Lobelia Inflata 30X – Dyspnea from constriction of chest, worse any exertion. Cramp, ringing cough, short breath, catching at throat. Intermittent fevers, commencing at noon with great paleness and anorexia. Headache, worse by coughing. Violent pains in chest, worse on breathing deeply.

Phosphorus 30X – Tight suffocative breathing, worse cough. Painless fevers. Burning pains, heat and oppression of chest. Hard, dry, tight, racking cough.

Pulsatilla 30X – Shortness of breath, worse lying on left side. Pressure and soreness upon the chest. Erratic temperature in fevers. Dry cough in evening and at night, must sit up in bed to get relief.

Rumex Crispus 30X – Tickling in throat pit causes cough. Dry, teasing cough, preventing sleep. Burning sticking pain in left chest near the heart, worse deep breathing.

Spongia Tosta 30X – Bronchial catarrh with wheezing, asthmatic cough, worse cold air with profuse expectoration and suffocation. Anxious, gasping breathing. Burning, rawness, soreness in chest. Dryness of mucous membranes. Anxiety and difficult breathing.


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