BioDisupt 120 Researched Nutritionals
BioDisupt 120 Researched Nutritionals
Researched Nutritionals

BioDisupt 120 Researched Nutritionals

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Comprehensive Microbial Biofilm Support*

BioDisrupt® supports the healthy immune system’s ability to target the sophisticated self-defense mechanisms of biofilms.*

What are biofilms?

Biofilms are extracellular matrices that surround and protect the microbes inside from immune system detection. As part of this system, these organisms use quorum sensing (a communication system used by microbes) to assemble a matrix of extracellular polymeric substances.  This slimy matrix surrounds and adheres to the organisms inside.  Because biofilms are highly resistant to antimicrobials and antibiotics, the microbes inside go undetected and are challenging to address. *

How does BioDisrupt® offer support?

BioDisrupt® is a clinically researched formula with two proprietary blends: EnzymeDisrupt™ and HerbDisrupt™.  These blends work synergistically to provide comprehensive microbial biofilm support by disrupting the biofilm matrix and inhibiting the formation of new biofilms.*

EnzymeDisrupt™ is a blend of unique enzymes specifically chosen for their researched ability to disrupt the biofilm matrix.  Disrupting this matrix exposes the microbes inside, allowing the immune system to do its job more effectively.*

HerbDisrupt™ is a unique blend of herbs chosen for their researched ability to support the natural anti-adhesion properties, making it more difficult for biofilms to adhere within the body and interrupting the microbes’ ability to communicate through quorum-sensing.*

Mechanisms of Action*

  • Disrupt biofilm matrices*
  • Interrupt quorum-sensing (biofilm intra/intercommunication)*
  • Support the body’s anti-adhesion properties*
Features Constituents/Actions Benefits*
EnzymeDisrupt™ Lysozyme, Serratiopeptidase, Beta-glucanase, Lipase, Protease 4.5, Cellulase, Hemicellulase •  Enzymes promoting the body’s normal ability to disrupt extracellular matrices
HerbDisrupt™ Cranberry (fruit) extract, Berberine, Rosemary (aerial) extract, Peppermint oil powder •  Clinically researched herbs to support the body’s normal anti-adhesion properties and promote digestive comfort
•  Microbial support nutrients to promote the body’s healthy response to invading organisms
•  Nutrients to promote healthy level of extracellular mucus
•  Herbs to promote healthy microbe colony communication