Emily's Skin Soother and Soap 1.8oz to 7oz

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Our original creation, Baby and Adult Skin Soother was created for our daughter’s baby eczema. It was born of a father’s love and concern. It was created to soothe and beautify any type of dry and itchy skin condition.

It is made of the bare, essential ingredients of the highest quality. We would not put anything scary on our Emily. We use olive oil, beeswax and three herbs: Angelica Sinensis root (Chinese name: Dang Gui), Potentillae Chinensis Herb (Bei Zi Cao), and Mentha Haplocalyx herb (Mint / Chinese name: Bo He). Our herbs are the highest quality and are from the highly respected Mayway company an American company that batch tests all of its herbs for contaminants, heavy-metals, and pesticides and does not use sulfur preservatives.

We do not add anything unnecessary, so our products do not have colorants, added fragrance, preservative or any unpronounceable nasties. There are only five all natural ingredients. Nothing else. At all!

If you have a dry skin condition we feel confident that we can help you. Numerous customers have reported being able to discontinue topical steroids after using our skin soother and soap (see testimonials). Give us a try; your skin will thank you.

New for pets:

Do you have an animal friend with hot spots or a cracked snout or paws? Is your pet scratching and licking at an irritated ear or leg? If you answered 'yes' then I believe we can help you. 

Our Furry Friends Skin Soother is a gentle, unscented balm with just 6 natural ingredients. Here are the ingredients and the traditional indications : Beeswax,Organic Sunflower Oil,Frankincense,Red Peony Root,Dictamnus Root Bark andPhellodendron Bark.

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