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Acne HP
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Acne HP

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Acne is the most common of all skin problems. Acne has its origin in the skin pore or, more accurately stated, the pilosebaceous unit. These units usually consist of a hair follicle and the associated sebaceous glands, which are connected to the skin by the follicular canal through which the hair shaft passes. The sebaceous glands produce sebum, a mixture of oils and waxes that lubricates the skin and prevents the loss of water.

Sebaceous glands are most highly concentrated on the face and, to a lesser extent, on the back, chest, and shoulders. Nutritional status seems to play a major role in acne, from both a preventive and therapeutic perspective. Another contributor to acne that is seldom recognized is intestinal toxemia. One study showed that fifty percent of patients with severe acne had increased blood levels of toxins absorbed from the intestines.


Carbo Animalis 30X – Copper colored eruptions. Acne. Large number of pimples. Unsightly scars from
eruptions. Acne rosacea.
Carbo Vegetabilis 30X – Skin eruptions, acne. Pain is cutting and burning. Skin is raw with fissures and exudate.
Kali Bichromicum 30X – Acne. Pustules with black apices. Papular eruptions. Pustular eruption,
resembling smallpox with burning pains. Itching with vesicular eruption.
Natrum Muriaticum 30X – Dry eruptions. The skin is greasy from excess of sebaceous secretion. Redness of old scars. Disturbances of the digestive tract and skin.
Pulsatilla 30X – Acne in young girls. Ulcers with hard, red, glistening areolae. Urticaria after rich food with diarrhea.
Sepia 30X – Acne, worse before menses. Rosacea. Spots on skin. Urticaria, worse open air better warm room.
Silicea 30X – Eruptions on chin. Boils and pustules everywhere. Felons, abscesses, boils, old scars, ulcers. Carbuncles. Coppery spots.
Sulphur 30X – Acne. Eruptions almost of even kind. Unhealthy skin, breaks out, festers and would not
heal. Pimply eruption, pustules. Ulcers.
Zincum Metallicum 30X – Retrocession of eruptions. Poisoning by suppressed discharges and eruptions. Redness and itching eruptions on chin.


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