Last weekend, November 12 and 13th, Johnson Compounding and Wellness had a booth at the Natural Living Expo in Marlboro, MA. It was amazing as always and lots of fun. Every year I mix up some protein shakes and superfood greens for the attending to try and fall in love with. This year I had my favorite Amazing Grass Holiday Trio SuperFood Greens and Raw Power Pumpkin Seed Protein mixed up. 

I personally am a sweet tooth and had samplings mixed up in Vanilla sweetened Almond Milk, Vanilla Sweetened Coconut Milk and Vanilla Sweetened Rice Milk. Too sweet for some attendees taste, so I mixed some some up in water and they still tasted AMAZING!!!

Over the past 3 years I have been doing almost daily protein shakes in the morning and fell in love with Amazing Grass Amazing Meal, but sadly they have changed their formulas and I am not personally a fan of them. I hadn't found any that I liked. Actually I really really liked a protein product by Metagenics called UltraMeal Cardio. It was and is still so good but has sunflower oil in it which my body is sensitive to and the indigestion afterwards outweighs the yummy, satisfying taste.

Now.. I am stuck again with an extreme need to increase my protein due to not eating meat daily and not getting enough protein from my meals. So I had tried the Raw Power Pumpkin Seed Proteins a while ago and loved them but forgot to buy more once I was finished with the first container. At the Expo I was sampling the protein for everyone and tried it myself first to make sure I mixed it well enough and OH MAN I was in love again!!!!  Truly amazing flavors, even when mixed in water. Great organic, non-GMO ingredients and after a day of minimally eating but drinking lots of protein and superfood green samplers I felt amazing! 

I have 2 protein shake lovers in my house besides myself. My partner and my 5 year old. They love their daily shakes especially my partner who really feels a difference mid-afternoon in his energy when he didn't make his morning shake. At the end of the expo my daughter was in heaven sampling all the leftover shake mixes. Her eyes lit up and she kept saying, "OH MOM this is so good!" She loved all the flavors! 

Fast forward to monday morning after a long weekend at the Natural Living Expo, my little lady wakes up requesting a shake for breakfast. I get my blender bottle and pour 8 oz of the almond milk in and one scoop of the Raw Power P3 Chocolate Protein shake - she drinks half and I drink the other half. Totally satisfying and amazing. I pick her up from school in the afternoon and she runs in the house, next thing I know she is making her own shake and guzzling it down!!! HAHA I guess she really does like it and feel good from it! So I continue to make my daily morning shake using Raw Power P3 Chocolate Flavor and have a mid-morning snack of fruit and am satisfied until lunch!

A review on the Raw Power Protein and it's flavors.

Raw Power SuperFood Mix was the companies first mix and it is just delicious.  Unlike most protein powders it has whole almonds, coconut chunks, raisins and over 20 separate superfood ingredients. It tastes so good mixed in a blender bottle with some plant based milk in the morning. Many of my co-workers mix it up the night before and keep it in the fridge, so the almonds soften and are easier to chew. It is one of the most versatile superfood protein mixes. It can be eaten raw, mixed with milk, cooked with from breakfast, to snacks to dessert treats. It has about 15 grams of protein per scoop and about 8 grams of fiber. If you have any bowel issues, drinking this will keep you regulated in a few days (as long as you are drinking enough water).

P3 has 20 grams of protein per scoop. It is called P3 for Pumpkin Paleo Protein. It is delicious and not gritty. Just mix 1 scoop in 8-12 oz of plant based milk in a blender bottle and you'll be on your way to a smile and lots of energy. 

P4 has 20 grams of protein per scoop. It is called P4 for Paleo Pumpkin Protein Perfected. This is used specifically for people completing high intensity work-outs and vegetarians who are lacking in essential complete nutrients. With this protein mix RAW POWER has created the next generation of high-quality, complete, clean, sustainable, organic protein to help you build strength & health.

All Raw Power mixes are sweetened with stevia and xylitol except the unsweetened version which was actually a big seller at the Natural Living Expo. 

  • SuperFood Mix - All Flavors were very popular - Natural tasted very good just mixed in water. One of my favorites is Chocolate Brownie mixed in Almond Milk.  
  • For P3 - I was sampling Vanilla, Chocolate and Coconut Almond. 

 - Chocolate tasted amazing in either coconut milk or almond milk. I was really shocked how delicious it tasted in Coconut Milk. 

 - Coconut Almond was very good and deliciously sweetened from the coconut. For some attendees it was too sweet which we blamed the extra sweetness on the sweetened almond/coconut milk. Using water or an unsweetened version of plant based milk would be much better. 

 - Vanilla tasted amazing mixed with almond or coconut milk. We also added a scoop of Amazing Grass Pumpkin Spice SuperFood Greens and it was such a great combination. 


The Amazing Grass Holiday SuperFood Greens are always a big hit - Pumpkin Spice, Holiday Cookie and Chocolate Peppermint. Pumpkin spice tastes fantastic mixed in with Vanilla Raw Power P3 Protein. Holiday Cookie tastes nice and earthy but sweet by itself in some plant based milk or water. Chocolate Peppermint tastes awesome in some warmed almond or coconut milk and sipped on.

The Amazing Grass Greens are excellent mid-day when you feel exhausted. Just mix them up and drink and you'll feel good and have your energy back in no time!

Enjoy feeling and eating healthy by including your daily or almost daily Raw Power Protein Shake and SuperFood Greens. 


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