Work From Home Snack Bundle-GF & DF
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Work From Home Snack Bundle-GF & DF

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Adjusting to working at home? Try these curated snacks chosen by our Registered Dietitians! These snacks are nutritious and will keep you powered throughout the day. All of these snacks are Gluten and Dairy Free!

1. Chrissy's Crumble Crackers (Currently out of stock)- These grain free crackers are ADDICTING. They are gluten free and made locally in Watertown! 
2. DNX Sweet Potato and Pecan Beef Bar - Whole 30 approved meat bars that are a great source of protein without the high amount of sugar! These bars keep you satisfied between meals and snacks.

3. 88 Acres Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Seed Bar - Based in Massachusetts, these bars are gluten and nut free, making them a delicious snack! 

4. Safe Catch Salmon Packets (2) - These shelf stable individual fish packets are tested for mercury and can be added to salads, pasta or any other meal!

5. Ocean's Halo Seaweed Snacks (2) - Salty and crispy seaweed snacks make for a nutritious snack. You can also crumble them up and sprinkle them on salads or vegetables of a savory boost of minerals!
Please choose your flavors for the following snacks:
6. AMG snacks - These are locally made energy bites that combine all natural ingredients for a not too sweet treat! They are gluten free too!
-Available flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate, Espresso, Strawberry Vanilla or Almond Chai
7. Primal Kitchen Dressing - Our Dietitians love Primal Kitchen's dressings made with Avocado oil and no sugar added! These will spice up any salad or vegetables without piling on sugar or pro-inflammatory oils.
-Available Flavors: Green Goddess, Lemon Turmeric, Vegan Ranch or Sesame Ginger
8. Primal Kitchen Pasta Sauces - We have Alfredo and and marinara sauces. Also no sugar added or pro-inflammatory oils. Great to have in the pantry! 
-Available Flavors: Tomato Basil, Roasted Garlic Marinara, Vodka Sauce, Non Dairy Alfredo, Non Dairy Garlic Alfredo