Vegan Protein 15.8oz
Vegan Protein 15.8oz

Vegan Protein 15.8oz

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Vegan protein is a nourishing formula crafted with a nutritionally superior form of well absorbed, great tasting pea protein. This form of protein helps fill gaps in the diet, supports a healthy metabolism while also promoting well functioning detoxification pathways. Protein plays a paramount role in the overall health and integrity of the body.

This formula is among the best protein supplements with the highest protein content in the professional market but differentiates itself by not diluting its ingredients with fillers of any kind or combining with other forms of protein that could potentially pose issues for many patients. Vegan Protein does not contain rice, which is often combined with pea protein, and does not contain any forms of grains whatsoever, which makes this formula well tolerated by those with even the most severe digestive stress. This formula is an ideal addition to any regiment for those suffering with altered blood sugar levels, depressed immunity or protein deficiency.

24 gm vegan protein per scoup.

Safe Effective Alternative

Great vegan alternative to other protein sources such as:

Whey - with potential allergies

Rice - potential heavy metal contamination

Soy - unwanted estrogenic effects

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