Collagen Complex Skin Hydration & Antioxidant Support
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Collagen Complex Skin Hydration & Antioxidant Support

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A daily supplement featuring a combination of clinically-backed
ingredients, each proven to promote skin health.**
Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles**
Boosts skin elasticity**
Hair and nail support**
Enhances skin resilience to environmental stressors**
Boosts antioxidant expression**
Supports skin hydration**
Promotes collagen synthesis**

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop in eight ounces of liquid—like coffee,
water, or smoothie—and consume every day
• Available as an unflavored powder that easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids,
it can conveniently complement your client’s daily wellness regimen
• Lacking tryptophan, this supplement is not considered a complete protein.
Therefore, it should be recommended as a complement to your client’s
current protein intake
• While individual results vary, we recommend consuming this supplement
daily for at least 8 weeks based on current clinical research findings
• This supplement can be used any time of day, and may be taken with or
without food