Scrophulara Comp 2oz
Scrophulara Comp 2oz
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Scrophulara Comp 2oz

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Scrophulara Comp Nutritional Support for The Lymph, Spleen, and Liver

Your lymphatic system can be compared to a freeway. When congested, nothing moves. The same thing can happen in your body. Your lymphatic system affects every organ and cell in your body. When your lymphatic system’s drainage becomes blocked, you cannot eliminate toxic material. The lymph system becomes particularly active during times of illness, when the nodes visibly swell with collected waste products. When these collecting terminals become blocked, it’s like a bottleneck; lymph starts backing up in the system creating a toxic oxygen-deprived environment conducive to degeneration and disorder. Toxic lymph can be stored for a long time in the system. This is not a healthy condition. Moving stagnant lymph flow is a key to rejuvenation. Once you clear up the lymph flow, which is an essential component of the immune system, you can enhance the body’s natural healing ability to clear up any illness.

Blue Flag – Chiefly used for its alterative properties. Acts as a stimulant to the liver and intestinal glands and is used in constipation and biliousness. Chiefly used for syphilis, some forms of low-grade scrofula and skin affection.

Burdock – As a blood purifier, burdock clears congestion in circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, and urinary systems. It can help eliminate excess fluids in the body and stimulate the elimination of toxic waste materials, which relieves liver disorders and improves digestion.

Figwort – Called “Scrofularia,” after its use as a remedy for scrofulous ailments such as tuberculosis of the lymph glands and other diseases characterized by swellings and eruptions. Works to aid the digestive organs and being a diuretic, helps to maintain clean kidneys.

Gentian – A fortifying tonic particularly useful for jaundice, bile production and for liver malfunction. Strengthens the entire human system. Useful as a blood builder and has been popular to use during convalescence. An aid to the well-being of both the kidney and spleen.

Poke Root – Considered to be a good blood and lymphatic purifying herb. By cleansing the lymphatic system, it works as a stimulant for the body to help remove collected waste material congested in the tissues throughout the body, while also improving lymphatic and blood vascular elasticity in such organs as the liver that has experienced hardening, due to its congested condition.

Rhizoma Atracylodis Alba – Tonifies the spleen. Used for spleen or stomach deficiency patterns with such symptoms as diarrhea, fatigue, lack of appetite, and vomiting. Also used for edema and decreased urination in deficient spleen patterns.

Yellow Dock – An excellent blood cleanser, tonic and builder, working through increasing the ability of the liver and related organs to strain and purify the blood and lymph system, it achieves its tonic properties through the astringent purification of the blood supply to the glands. Also nourishes the spleen.


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