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While there is no daily recommended value (DRV) for dietary fiber, the American Heart Association recommends children consume between 19 g and 31 g per day depending on age. The lack of adequate dietary fiber intake can lead to many digestive problems, such as occasional constipation, gas and bloating. Occasional constipation is a common condition, caused in part by poor diet and lifestyle. The prevalence of refined sugars and carbohydrates and the low presence of fiber in the Western diet has been linked to the slowing of bowel transit time and the alteration of the colon environment. Dietary fiber, which is mostly obtained from plant foods, consists of the indigestible portion of the plant while the sugars, starches and vitamins are broken down into nutrients and absorbed by the intestines. These cell walls of plants are not digested and become the bulk or roughage component of the stool, which help maintain bowel health and regularity.

Ready! Set! Go! is a blend of all-natural fruits and plant extracts for children with occasional constipation. The ingredients in this blend, which include prunes, psyllium husks, and ginger, have been used historically for the relief of occasional consitpation and to soothe an achy stomach. Ready! Set! Go! has a pleasant flavor for easy compliance. 

Prunes & Figs:

Prunes include 6.1 g of dietary fiber per 100 g, as well as high amounts of phenolic compounds, which may contribute to their efficacy in occasional constipation relief and glycemic support. Similarly, the bulk of seeds and fibers in figs create the phytochemical properties of its laxative effect. 


Psyllium seed husks are one of the most widely used natural bulking fibers. The psyllium fiber used in the Ready! Set! Go! formula is composed predominantly of soluble fiber and has a high water-holding capacity, thus serving to increase stool frequency and weight.

Suggested Use:

Children up to 6: 1-3 teaspoons daily as needed or as recommended by your health care professional.

Children 6-12: 1-2 tablespoons daily as needed or as recommended by your health care professional.

Adults: 2-3 tablespoons daily as needed or as recommended by your health care professional. 

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