Primal Pit Paste Jar, Light - Vanilla Lavender - Discontinued

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Product Description

Primal Pit Paste Light has less baking soda than the regular Primal Pit Paste. It's geared towards those who acclimate slower, giving you just the right amount of odor fighting baking soda for your level of stink and body chemistry!  Detox those pits slowly with PPP Light!
Available for our Plain Jane fans in Unscented and our new flavor... Vanilla Lavender! Heavy on the sweet yummy vanilla with a touch of calming lavender essential oils.

Vanilla Lavender is a creamy soft version of our best-selling Lavender

Ingredients: Organic Shea Butter, Organic Arrowroot Powder, Organic Coconut Oil, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Essential Oils: Lavender and Vanilla, Non-GMO Vitamin E derived 100% from Sunflowers 

With all of the ingredients being natural and organic with no additives whatsoever, it is recommended for best freshness and consistency of this product if used within 18 months (if left unopened) or 12 months after opening. 

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