Menopause HP
Menopause HP
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Menopause HP

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Autonomic dysregulation, dryness and irritation of the vagina, heat flashes, irritability 

The symptoms of menopause are caused by estrogen dominance in the body as progesterone production declines in the years leading up to this change in a woman’s body.  At the time of menopause, the hormonal output-instead of reducing gradually-alternately stops and starts.  This general readjusting of the body’s endocrine balance leads to many of menopause’s symptoms.  Women may experience water retention, weight gain, memory loss, irritability, and depression.


Belladonna 30X  - Hot, red skin, flushed face, dilated pupils, throbbing carotids, excited mental state.  Constrictions occur in parts of the body like throat, vagina, etc.  Dryness and heat of vagina. Changeable moods. 

Lachesis Mutus 30X – Manic depression.  Flushes of heat, rushes of blood.  Menopausal troubles, like palpitations, hot flashes, hemorrhages, vertex headache, fainting spells, worse pressure of clothes. 

Nux Vomica 30X – Irritable nervous system. Zealous fiery temperament.  Angry and impatient.  Bruised soreness of abdominal walls.  Prolapse of uterus from straining and lifting.

Pulsatilla 30X – Changeable nature.  Moody, contradictory.  Weeps easily.  Menses changeable, intermittent, irregular, vicarious. 

Secale Cornutum 30X – Menses irregular.  Burning pains in uterus. Debility, anxiety, emaciation.  Mania fear or depressed by fear. Insomnia with restlessness, fever, anxious dreams. 

Sepia 30X – Angry, sensitive, irritable, easily offended and miserable.  Loss of sex drive and sexual disorders.  Sudden flushes of heat with weakness and sweat during menopause.  

Ustilago Maydis 30X – Great depression of spirits.  Weeps frequently.  Menorrhagia at menopause.  Uterine fibroids, bleeding. Ovaries burn, painful, swollen.  Uterus feels drawn into a knot.  As if forehead would burst open.