Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets

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Lumino Diatomaceous Earth for Pets is a non-toxic alternative that kills fleas by absorbing waxy fats and oils from their exoskeleton. After this coating is removed, the fleas can't retain water and die due to dehydration. Most will die when 60% of their fluids are lost. To discover what DE is and how it works click the "Learn More" button.

In tests performed by the USDA, as well as numerous consumer trials, DE has proven to be an effective non-chemical insect controller.

Results of the Study

The initial eastern flea count ranged from 14 to 31 one day after infestation with 50 eastern fleas. By day 2 following DE treatment the treated group has decreased from a mean of 18.2 to a mean of 4.0 in treated dogs as compared to mean decrease of 26.3 to 20.7 in the controls. By Day 9 post-treatment, there was only 1 flea on the treated dogs as compared to average of 11.3 fleas on the controls.

Western Flea Riddance was conducted two weeks after the Eastern Flea study was concluded.

On Day 2, following the DE treatment, the mean flea count in the treated dogs had decreased from 21.4 to 5.2. The mean count of the controls had decreased from 22.0. By Day 9, 2 days after the Day 7 treatment, one treated dog had 3 fleas, the other dogs had none. In contrast, the three controls averaged 17.3 western fleas each.

Overall conclusions

Results of eastern and western flea riddance and repellency studies indicate the DE afforded moderately good protection when applied prior to exposure to fleas and it appears that three applications of DE as well as dusting the surroundings is highly effective in ridding dogs of western and eastern fleas.

Ingredients: Lumino has added three other ingredients to Perma Guard Fossil Shell Flour (DE) to increase it's effectiveness: flour for better adhesion to the pests, salt to speed up the dessication, and baking soda to soothe the flea bites. All of our DE is completely mined, processed, and bagged in the USA.

Instructions: Apply full strength by rubbing into animals' coat as close to their skin as possible. Reapply every 3 days or as needed. A little sprinkled into the pet's bedding is a further deterrent. Click on 'learn more' for additional instructions.

DE kills insects and parasites by desiccation. Due to its highly porous nature, DE is one of the most effective of all natural inert dusts. It absorbs waxy fats and oils (lipids) from the epicuticle (skin) of insects and other invertebrate pests. Once the waxy, oily coating is removed, the insect cannot retain water and dies due to dehydration. Partial water loss makes them thirsty, but most insects die when about 60 percent of their water is lost.

The same principles of flea control, frequent vacuuming, the use of flea-unfriendly surfacing materials and the application of DE for the house and yard also apply to flea control and prevention in other places. If you keep on seeing fleas, you need to consider all of the 'other' out-of-the-way places your pet might be hanging out, which you haven't yet treated for these pests.

Your car(s) can be a significant source of flea re-infestation problems. Flea infested animals drop eggs into the car during car trips - these flea eggs can hatch into larvae and go through the entire flea life cycle inside of the soft seats and carpet floors of the car. DE and frequent vacuuming are among the safest ways of ridding the car of flea eggs, larvae and cocoons.

If your pet spends a lot of time outside in a kennel or aviary you can expect a thriving flea population to be present in the soil or in the bedding you have placed within it.

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