Recording of Lecture: The Female Hormonal Symphony - do you need a tune-up?

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Dr. Gary Kracoff  will lead a discussion on The Female Hormonal Symphony.  He will discuss many ways to identify where the imbalances are, and natural, holistic therapies that can be very effective in balancing the body and getting the systems back “in tune”.

The female hormonal system can be compared to a symphony.  If one instrument in a small symphony is out of tune, it can affect the quality of the music produced by all of the instruments.  All the “instruments” need to be tuned and working together for a sense of well-being.

There needs to be balance between the adrenals, thyroid and female hormones for a woman to feel balanced.  Many times, there may be symptoms that seem like a female hormone imbalance, but the true imbalance may be the adrenals or thyroid.

Stress, diet, lifestyle, and/or quality of sleep can affect the hormonal symphony.

Women who experience hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, irritability, decreased libido, and/or weight gain, especially around the waistline, need to determine which system is out of tune.

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