Recording of Lecture: Prescription Drugs & Associated Nutrient Depletion

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Stephen Bernardi (pharmacist and co-owner of Johnson Compounding & Wellness) presented on June 14, 2016. 

Discussion on Nutrient Depletion and how it effects millions of Americans.

In today’s society, when we are faced with a debilitating condition (whether it is cancer, insomnia, stress, or depression), we turn to prescription drugs to fix our problems. We tend to forget that a lot of these problems are often caused by the lack of nutrients in our bodies that are needed to keep it healthy and functioning properly.

We must also take into consideration that many of these prescription drugs may have positive qualities while negatively depleting essential nutrients. A great example of this is the drug Lasix® (furosemide), a diuretic used to lower blood pressure while in turn depleting the body of potassium, calcium, and magnesium ions. These nutrients are essential for proper heart function and bone health.

 Click here for the recording of the lecture 

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