Recording of Lecture: How to Detox Safely and Effectively

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Detoxification is the body’s process of removing toxic substances.

Free Lecture 

How to detox safely and effectively

Date Presented: Tuesday March 20th , 2018 

7 PM – 8:30 PM

It is NOT a food, diet or pill.  It is an ongoing, vital process that your body does 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • The average woman is exposed to 126 unique chemical ingredients daily through skincare products
  • CDC's report in 2006 found that the average American has 116 of 148 synthetic compounds tested for in their body
  • EPA biopsy studies of chemicals stored in the fat of human beings show 100% of people studied contained dioxins, PCB's, dichlorobenzene and xylene

Join Dr. Gary Kracoff as he explains how to support your body to help it detoxify every day of your life.

Held at Johnson Compounding & Wellness

577 Main St 

Waltham, MA 02452

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