Recording of Lecture: 7-day Detox- Jump start you New Year

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This lecture was held on: 

Wednesday January 25th, 2017 

Location: 577 Main Street Waltham, MA 02452

Today's lifestyle of poor diet, polluted environment and high stress subjects your body to more toxins than ever before.  The goal of this program is to facilitate the removal of toxins and revitalize your body's natural detoxification function.


This will help prevent future toxin buildup so you can maintain a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

An overwhelmed liver can result in elevated toxins throughout the entire body.  The 7-day diet, lifestyle and nutrient program will support your body's ability to remove toxins that have built up over time and create an internal environment for better health.


We dicussed how a gentle detox needs to support your whole body.  This includes the cellular level, lymphatic system, digestive and urinary system.  





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