Laselle Kegel Routine

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Kegel Routine


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The Laselle Kegel Routine is the ultimate training solution to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in an easy and effective way. Keeping these muscles healthy is essential to reducing the risk of incontinence, preparing for and recovering from childbirth, while maintaining vaginal tightness for improved sensations during intimacy.

Now with the Laselle Kegel Routine, a 3 pack that gives you the full benefits of Laselle Kegel balls in one simple package, you can take your pelvic floor training to new heights. With this complete workout set you have the option to either use your Kegel balls individually or combined to effectively build pelvic floor strength and tone. Easy-to-use, discreet and completely body-safe, the Laselle Kegel Routine will help you to reach the peak of your intimate health.

The benefits of training with the Laselle Kegel Routine:

  • 100% Body-safe silicone
  • Easy-to-use progressive weight training
  • Exercisers can be used individually or combined
  • Up to 6 weight combinations
  • Fast results


Intimate hygiene is extremely important, so always remember to clean your exercisers with Intimina Intimate Accessory Cleaner or another purpose-made product before and after each use and store in the storage pouch included.

We recommend that you begin in a comfortable lying down position with your knees bent. Relax your body and insert the Laselle weight(s) with a firm but gentle push approximately 2cm inside the vagina using a water-based lubricant to help.

Simply contract your pelvic muscles and lift the balls(s) upwards, hold the contraction, and release the contraction. Rest and relax your muscles until you are ready to repeat. Download the complete Laselle Kegel Guide to discover a full training guide on exercising with Laselle.


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