Kidney Comp 2oz
Kidney Comp 2oz
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Kidney Comp 2oz

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Nutritional Support for the Kidneys

Kidneys remove waste products from the body, keep body chemicals in balance, and help maintain the body’s water balance.  There are a number of different renal problems that may occur. 

One important symptom of kidney problems is edema.  Edema results when the kidneys produce less urine because they are unable to properly excrete salt and other wastes, and fluid builds up in the body. Toxic wastes may accumulate in the bloodstream due to kidney malfunction, a condition known as uremia.  Symptoms of kidney problems include abdominal pain, appetite loss, back pain, chills, fever, fluid retention (bloating), nausea, urinary urgency, and vomiting.  The urine may be cloudy or bloody.  Back pain may be sudden and intense, occurring just above the waist and running down the groin.

Barberry – One of the most effective herbs for fighting bacterial infection.  Contains Berbamine, an alkaloid found to reduce inflammation.  Berberine, one of the herb’s active constituents, exerts a threefold action against yeast infections, including yeast mastitis.  It has a direct antibiotic effect on Candida albicans.  Finally, it stimulates blood flow to the spleen, which releases compounds to stimulate the immune system. 

Cornsilk – A diuretic and a rich source of potassium.  It is used for disorders of the urinary tract and as an aid in liver, kidney, and bladder disorders.  Cornsilk encourages urination, while the potassium in the herb offsets potassium loss caused by increased urination.

European Goldenrod – Useful for kidney problems, such as dark, cloudy urine.  

English Hawthorn – Hawthorne dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more freely.  Very effective in relieving restlessness and insomnia. 

Hydrangea – Stimulates the flow of urine and supports the function of healthy kidneys.  Its effectiveness is due to its alkaloids that behave like cortisone, without the deleterious side effects.  

Juniper – Beneficial in helping to dissolve kidney stones and prostate sediment, as well as in the treatment of water retention.  Works well to increase the flow of urine.  Has been found to be very beneficial by preventing the crystallization of uric acid in the kidney thus, retaining it in solution to be passed in the urine.

Turmeric – The primary anti-inflammatory herb of ayurvedic medicine.  An excellent herbal remedy for situations in which high concentrations of antioxidants are required.

Uva Ursi – Strengthens the urinary passages and is good for inflammation in any part of the urinary system. Stimulates kidney activity and can be used as a urinary antiseptic for kidney and bladder infections being very effective for acid urine and to treat blood in the urine.  Increases the flow of urine and cleanses the spleen.  Produces potent antiseptic action in the kidney tubules.