Japanese Knotweed Honey
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Japanese Knotweed Honey

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Tasting Notes: A dark, robust color, with an earthy, nutty, sweetness harvested in late summer/early fall when bees forage on this tall towering bamboo like plant which offers a rich source of late season nectar.

Pairings: This honey stands well on its own or pair with cheddar cheese, as a maple syrup substitute drizzled on hotcakes, waffles & crepes or chocolate hazelnut gelato. Often used in baking. Makes a great marinate: mix honey with soy sauce, fresh ginger & garlic. 

Raw Honey is unfiltered & harvested in micro batches which retain all of the pollen, antioxidants & amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Raw honey will crystalize, to re-liquify place jar in warm water. Never microwave.

Packaged in glass jar