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When the body fails to produce sufficient digestive enzymes, especially enzymes that break down proteins, it becomes more likely to develop digestive intolerances to the foods being eaten. Proteins are made up of chains of amino acids that must be broken down into single amino acids or small chains (2-3 amino acids) for proper absorption. When there is a deficiency of digestive enzymes, incomplete digestion occurs resulting in longer chains of amino acids.  The body starts to identify these chains as foreign proteins which triggers digestive reactions.

Individuals experiencing an intolerance to food may be presented with a wide range of symptoms including occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. Other common adverse reactions include cravings and irritability. The most common triggers of food intolerance include gluten (found in wheat and other cereal grains), lactose (found in dairy products), and fibrous  (vegetables and beans).“The foods we consume frequently, (at least 3 times a week or more) are also often triggers,” according to Walter Crinnion, N.D.†  
The Identify™ kit offers a 14-day diet and enzyme supplementation program to help identify common food intolerances including dairy, wheat, beans and fibrous vegetables.* The Identify program walks participants through an elimination diet, which includes individual wheat/gluten, dairy,  bean & raw vegetable challenges.  This two week kit is designed to help participants  understand which foods may be causing dietary sensitivity, and provides instructions for  utilizing targeted digestive enzyme supplements to address these intolerances.*

The Identify™ System
The first step of the Identify™ program is to eliminate wheat (gluten), dairy, legumes, raw cruciferous vegetables, pork, dressings and condiments, sugars and soy. In addition, foods that are consumed frequently (more than 3 times per week), foods that are known triggers to the participant, and foods which are craved will be eliminated.

To properly identify triggers, participants are instructed to eliminate the suspected foods completely from their diet. Meal recommendations are provided in the food diary guidebook. Foods are then introduced back into the diet, one at a time, in order to evaluate which intolerance symptoms (if any) a specific food causes. On specific days the participant will be challenged with gluten, dairy, vegetables and beans, respectively. The challenges will include the addition of specially formulated digestive enzymes (i.e., Identify Gluten™). At the end of the program, the participant  reintroduces their original ‘normal diet’ in combination with a unique digestive enzyme supplement (Intolerance Complex™), which provides digestive support  for multiple food intolerances.

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