Honey Sampler Set
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Honey Sampler Set

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Curated Honey Sampler Set


Muslin bag filled with four 3.3 oz jars of honey and a wooden honey dipper


  • Spring Blossom Honey 3.3 oz
  • Summer Wildflower Honey 3.3 oz
  • Japanese Knotweed Honey 3.3 oz
  • New England Cranberry Honey 3.3 oz

 About the Honey Collection

Spring Blossom Honey is a light, golden honey harvested in early spring when bees feed on fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry blossoms, clover, spring flowers and our own garden herbs.

Summer Wildflower honey is a dark amber color with a full bodied natural flavor harvested in late summer when bees forage on goldenrod, Japanese knotweed, cucumber, squash & pumpkin, and our garden herbs such as thyme, lavender, bee balm & oregano. It’s richer color and deeper flavor reflect the rich colors of summer. 

Japanese Knotweed is a dark, robust color, with an earthy, nutty, sweetness harvested in late summer/early fall when bees forage on this tall towering bamboo like plants which offer a rich source of late season honey. This honey stands well on its own, pairs well with cheeses, breads, and adds a real signature to a dish or for baking.

Cranberry Honey is sourced from New England Beekeepers where the bees collect pollen from the cranberry bogs of Cape Cod.  Harvested after pollination is finished in the end of July, honey is a light amber color and is fruity in flavor.  Delicious drizzled on cheese.

Honey is raw and never heated, unfiltered and harvested in micro batches which maintains all of the antioxidants and amino acids that are lost in large-scale produced honey. Once you try raw, pure honey, you won’t have it any other way.

Packaged in glass jars