Diasox Diabetic Socks

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Product Description

The DiaSox™ is the perfect sock for people with foot or leg swelling or sensitive feet.  These crew socks provide a comfortable fit for medium to extra wide shoe widths and have flat toe stitching which offers a seam-free feel for maximum comfort.  The unique knit design of this sock keeps the top from falling down but will not cause binding or leave any marks.  

An anti-microbial fabric treatment helps protect against fungal growth and bacteria.  

This diabetic sock is suitable for both men and wormen and is available in black and white.  DiaSox™ are available in shoe sizes Medium through 2x Large.  The 2X Large size streches to a 20" circumference which is perfect for people with large calves or as a dressing over a leg cast. 

These socks are made from 88% natural cotton, 10% nylon and 2% spandex.  Machine wash warm or cold. Line dry or tumble dry on warm. Bleach is not recommended. Sizes listed in the table below.  Made in the USA.

 DiaSox Size

 Mens Shoe Size

 Womans Shoe Size


 6 1/2  -  9 1/2

 7  -  10


 9 1/2  -  12

 10  -  13

 Extra Large

 12 1/2  -  14


 2X Large

 16  -  20


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