Cough HP
Cough HP
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Cough HP

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For irritation and cough due to chronic chest congestion.

A cough is a sudden, explosive expulsion of air from the lungs, usually in order to expel something from the air passages.  Productive coughing brings up mucous and an unproductive, dry cough does not.  Coughing may be due to a simple illness like upper respiratory illness or the common cold, or may signal a more serious illness, such as cancer. Coughing may also be due to irritation from the environment (smoke, dust, pollens), mucous dripping in back of the throat, a sign of nervousness, or a symptom of an underlying health disorder.

A cough is an important diagnostic signal from the body, and should not be simply suppressed.  Any long-standing or intransigent coughing should receive professional attention.  Home treatment is safe and effective for minor coughs of short duration or associated with mild infections, but if in doubt seek professional attention.

Arsenicum Album 30X – Cough alternating dry and loose, dry at night better sitting up worse drinking.  Cough excited by smoking.  Cough dry, as from sulphur fumes after drinking.  Cough worse after midnight, worse lying on back.  Cough with bloody sputum.

Bryonia Alba 30X – Dry hacking cough from irritation in upper trachea.  Cough, dry, hard, very painful, at night as of from stomach.  Coming into warm room excites cough.  Cough with sneezing.  Wants to take deep breath but cannot or it excites cough.

Cuprum Aceticum 30X
– Violent spasmodic cough.  Short, difficult respiration. Spasmodic constriction of the chest.  Hay fever with burning excoriation, paroxysmal cough tough, tenacious mucus and fear of suffocation.

Drosera Rotundifolia 30X – Spasmodic cough resembling whooping cough.  Cough and chokes.  Cough very deep and hoarse, worse after midnight.  Frequent spells of barking cough, worse evening and after midnight, patient holds his side.

Ipecacuanha 30X – Dyspnea, constant constriction in chest.  Cough incessant and violent with every breath.  Suffocative cough, child becomes stiff and blue in the face.  Croup.

Kali Carbonicum 30X – Dry, hard cough about 3 a.m. with stitching pains and dryness of pharynx.  Whooping cough.  Incessant, hard retching or choking, futile cough, then vomiting.  Whole chest very sensitive during coughing.

Phosphorus 30X – Hard, dry, racking cough.  Whole body trembles with cough. Nervous coughs provoked by strong odors, entrance of a stranger, worse in the presence of stranger, worse lying upon left side.  Congestion of lungs.

Pulsatilla 30X – Cough dry, hacking from tickling in epigastrium.  Dry cough in evening and at night, must sit up in bed to get relief.  Loose cough in the morning with copious mucous expectoration. 

Spongia Tosta 30X – Cough, dry, barking, croupy, larynx sensitive to touch.  Cough abates after eating or drinking, especially warm drinks.  Irrepressible cough from a spot deep in chest, as if raw and sore.  Croup, worse during inspiration and beforemidnight.