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 Core Restore is a comprehensive 7-day diet, lifestyle and nutrient program to reduce toxic burden and support phase I and II liver detoxification function. Each Core Restore BT Kit includes:

Core Support protein powder
Nutritional support for phase II liver detoxification. 

PhytoCore capsules
Phytonutrients for improved phase I & II liver detoxification. 

Alpha Base capsules without iron
Comprehensive multivitamin formula providing key minerals and nutrients necessary for enhanced toxin biotransformation.

Core Restore Patient Guide
Step-by-step instructions, dietary schedule, recipes and grocery list for better patient compliance.

Portable Hand Mixer
Powerful battery powered spin-mixer for smooth, quick protein shakes on-the-go. 

A proper detoxification program can be an effective tool for tuning up your patient’s lifestyle patterns, reducing their antigenic load (elimination diet), and a simple way to facilitate better assessment of complex GI dysfunctions. Core Restore BT is the detoxification program your patients CAN DO! Once finished, your patients will enjoy improved biotransformation, better digestive system function, and increased nutrient absorption which will help them feel more energized.

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