Complete Allergy 4 Kids by Hylands
Complete Allergy 4 Kids by Hylands

Complete Allergy 4 Kids by Hylands

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 Complete Allergy 4 Kids by Hylands

NEW! 100% Natural Hyland's Complete Allergy 4 Kids effectively relieves the symptoms caused by indoor and outdoor allergies, in a sugar-free, pleasant tasting all-in-one formula. 

  • Safe and Effective for Ages 2+

  • 100% Natural & Sugar Free

  • Multi-symptom relief


Temporarily relieves the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergens including runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, itchy nose and throat, stuffy nose and facial pain. 


Aconitum Napellus 6X HPUS - pain, swelling in face; itchy throat, sneezing

Allium Cepa 6X HPUS - hay fever, runny nose, watery, itchy

Euphrasia 6X HPUS - nasal inflammation, nasal discharge

Galphimia Glauca 12X HPUS - sneezing, runny nose

Histaminum Hydrochloricum 12X HPUS - feeling of blocked ears

Luffa Operculata 12X HPUS - sinus pain, headache

Natrum Muriaticum 6X HPUS - ear pain, itchy, burning eyes

Nux Vomica 6X HPUS - dark circles under eyes, itchy nose

Sabadilla 6X HPUS - hay fever, uncontrollable sneezing

Pulsatilla 6X HPUS - sinus pressure

You can use Allergy Relief 4 Kids with New England Allergy Spray and Innate Probiotic Flora 5-14 or Natural Creations Enterobiotic SBO

Inactive Ingredients

Citric Acid, Glycerine, Glycyrrhiza Extract, Purified Water, Sodium Benzoate.

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