Ayurvedic Face Care Kit

Ayurvedic Face Care Kit

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  • For all skin
  • Features the harmonizing herbs - Tulsi, Frankincense, Neem, Rose, Sandalwood...
  • Contains five sample-sized products that assist in re-establishing a healthy hydro/lipid balance to the skin

Cleanser 15 mL / .5 fl oz

HydroSoul 30 mL / fl oz

Argan Serum 4 mL / 0.13 fl oz

Neem Serum 4 mL / 0.13 fl oz

Shea Butter 0.5 oz

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Line is inspired by the traditional healing evan healy system of ancient India called Ayurveda, which means ‘knowledge for long life’. The sages of India realized that any authentic health practice must encompass the entire being – body, mind and spirit. Evan’s selection of herbs, flowers, roots and seeds supports that philosophy. Rose, sandalwood, neem, vetiver, tulsi… all remarkable plant allies for calming the spirit and soothing skin-related imbalances.

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol begins with the complete cleansing action of our Coconut Cream Cleanser. Follow with a generous misting of our fresh Facial Tonic HydroSoul, and apply Argan Serum to lock in moisture and hydration. For blemished and congested skin, our Neem Immortelle Serum, a combination of infused and cured oils, is an ideal choice. Our Whipped Shea Butter with Olive Leaf nourishes and protects.