Work-out Essentials

Herbal supplements for your workout

For every day fitness: Daily Workout + Recovery is expertly formulated to support your whole fitness journey from strong workouts to effective recovery.* Tested for your assurance, this herbal blend includes potent Ginger, powerful Astaxanthin from organic algae, pure Cordyceps mushroom, and organic Turmeric.

For competitive training: Elite Performance + Recovery™ is expertly formulated with clinically studied herbal ingredients to enhance elite-level physical benefits for your intense training cycles & PR goals. This precision blend includes Astaxanthin to increase power output, clinical-strength Grape Seed to enhance lean muscle, and Ginger for muscle pain relief.*

New Chapter Training calendar: For best results, use these sports supplements daily—whether it's a training day or rest day. Clinical studies resulted in a pain-relieving benefit in as little as 9 days, and benefits such as immune support, increased endurance, and improved power output were observed over weeks of continued use.


David Winston's Fit Adapt™ 

An excerpt from David Winston notes "we want to acknowledge that this unique formula is indeed an Adaptogenic blend designed to assist hard working and athletic people in their active and fast paced lifestyles.  Adaptogens are herbs that help to re-regulate endocrine, nervous system and immune function and improve our response to physical, emotional or environmental stress.”


Energy Tonic by  Urban Moonshine - Peak Performance Boost

An energizing adaptogenic formula combines some of the most widely used adaptogenic herbs to protect your body from the depleting effects of stress. Used as a daily tonic, the formula can help energize, support healthy athletic performance and boost stamina, help restore mental alertness when experiencing fatigue and enhance your experience of general health and well-being.* Certified Organic. Gluten Free.

Fast-acting, clean herbal energy—no stimulants*

Enhances adaptability to stress*

Restores mental alertness & pushes back fatigue*

Supports athletic performance*


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