Mega Sporebiotic for Kids 45 gummies berry blast
Mega Sporebiotic for Kids 45 gummies berry blast
Mega Sporebiotic for Kids 45 gummies berry blast
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Mega Sporebiotic for Kids 45 gummies berry blast

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MegaSporeBiotic for Kids gummies are a 100% spore-based proprietary probiotic blend that supports a healthy gut microbiome by promoting microbial diversity, maintaining a healthy gut barrier, and supporting the immune system’s protective responses. These delicious, easy-to-digest chewable gummies contain four strains of

the beneficial, spore-forming Bacillus bacteria found in Microbiome Labs’ flagship spore-based probiotic supplement, MegaSporeBiotic. These Bacillus bacterial cultures offer an easy way for the body’s gut microbiome to receive its needed daily support.

  • Delicious strawberry flavor
  • No refrigeration required
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

Ingredients and formula

Bacillus spores are robust probiotic bacteria that can survive digestion because of their bi-phasic life cycle. Bacillus spores can transition from their dormant spore state to their active state, depending on the environment.

In their dormant spore form, Bacillus bacteria encapsulate in an endospore, a tough, natural outer shell that protects them from light, heat, pressure, acid, lack of oxygen, and other environmental factors

  • B. indicus HU36 is a novel, carotenoid-producing probiotic strain. Isolated from humans, HU36 produces high levels of carotenoids, like lycopene, astaxanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein at the site of absorption.
  • B. subtilis HU58 spores can support the intestinal microbiome, exerting their highly beneficial effects in humans by supporting a healthy, balanced, and harmonious intestinal ecosystem.
  • B. coagulans SC208 produces L-lactic acid, which supports immune function and digestibility.
  • B. clausii SC109 is an aerobic, spore-forming bacterium that survives transit through the stomach's acidic environment and supports colonization of the intestine. B. clausii has also been shown to support digestibility, immune function, respiratory health, and a harmonious microbial ecosystem.