Mega MycoBalance 180's
Mega MycoBalance 180's
Mega MycoBalance 180's
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Mega MycoBalance 180's

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 Here’s how to tame the yeast beast...

Oh, Candida! No, not the 1970’s Tony Orlando hit song. I’m talking about Candida Albicans, the fungus responsible for most yeast infections in humans. 

Symptoms and conditions related to Candida overgrowth include: 

  • oral thrush  
  • vaginal infections or UTIs 
  • athlete’s foot, skin rashes 
  • chronic sinus infections 
  • toenail fungus 
  • fatigue, malaise 
  • unexplained weight loss or gain 
  • nutrient malabsorption 
  • digestive issues like bloating, cramps, and gas 
  • diarrhea or constipation   

Candida is a natural part of your gut microbiome and plays a role in digestion and the absorption of nutrients and is beneficial as long as it remains in check.  

 Contributing factors in Candida converting from a harmless resident to a dangerous pathogen include:

  • Overuse of antibiotics 
  • Exposure to chemicals like glyphosate that kill your beneficial gut bacteria 
  • Exposure to inflammatory substances like mycotoxins from environmental mold 
  • Excessive consumption of refined sugar and processed food 
  • Dysbiosis due to sexual activity

When Candida growth is unregulated, the yeast grows tendril-like projections called hyphae, which burrow into the intestinal wall leading to increased intestinal permeability, also referred to as “leaky gut.”  

 So, what can we do to ensure peaceful cohabitation with our commensal yeast residents?  

 First and foremost, do your best to avoid all the triggers mentioned above. Secondly, assist your body in getting fungus under control with nature’s most potent antifungal substances like bee propolis and undecylenic acid from castor beans.

  • Bee propolis is a plant-based substance found in beehives that has powerful antifungal properties to keep the hive safe. 
  • Undecylenic acid is a fatty acid like the popular caprylic acid used for fungal infections. The major difference is undecylenic acid’s unrivaled potency—6x the effectiveness of caprylic acid—making it the obvious and superior option. 

MegaMycoBalance™ by Microbiome Labs contains high concentrations of both of these cutting-edge antifungal extracts. 

 MegaMycoBalance™ is perfect to use in tandem with beneficial spore-based probiotic bacteria and Saccharomyces yeast, like that found in MegaSporeBiotic™ and RestorFlora™ by Microbiome Labs.