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This formula includes a blend of herbs with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants such as Ginger, Turmeric and Green Tea.. Holy Basil is commonly considered for its adaptogenic properties, however it has been used for centuries for inflammation as well. 


Ginger Root (5% Gingerol) - 75mg

Holy Basil Leaf (2% Ursolic Acid) - 75mg

White Willow Bark (25% Salacin) - 75mg

Turmeric Root (95% Curcumanoids) - 50mg

Green Tea (95% Polyphenols, 50% EGCg) - 50mg

Rosemary Extract (5% Rosmarinic Acid) = 50mg

Boswellia Extract (65% Boswellic Acid) - 25mg

Suggested Use:

Take 1 capsule 2-4 times per day, or as needed.