Honeycomb Pillar candle 2-pack
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Honeycomb Pillar candle 2-pack

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Our Honeycomb Beeswax Candles are handcrafted and hand-rolled in our studio using beeswax designed by bees who make this incredible hexagon pattern

Honey Scented

Our beeswax candles naturally give off a luscious honey aroma. Scent and color varies slightly based on honey, pollen, and propolis present in the beeswax when made by the bees.

Set of two beeswax taper candles
100% Pure Beeswax
Natural Honey Scented and color
Non-Toxic - Hypo-allergenic
Longer burn time than paraffin candles
Smoke and Soot Free
Cotton Wick
Made in America


Make sure when you first light the candle you burn the wax completely across the surface before blowing out to prevent tunneling. Trim the wick often. When burned in a draft free environment with the wick trimmed to 1/4" a beeswax candle will burn bright and clean with virtually no smoke or soot. Place candles in appropriate candle holders.