Episilk™ Age Spot Lightening Serum
Episilk™ Age Spot Lightening Serum

Episilk™ Age Spot Lightening Serum

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Age Spot Lightening Serum (ASL) uses an effective combination of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Gigawhite (a blend of seven alpine plants), ASL serum is designed to hydrate, soothe and tone your skin; while lightening age spots.

Episilk™ ASL Serum is an effective combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Gigawhite™ designed to hydrate your skin while lightening and toning age spots. Soothe, nourish and rejuvenate your skin, while lightening the appearance of age spots. Gigawhite™ is a special blend of seven alpine plants that have been shown to lighten the appearance of age spots while evening skin tone.

Directions for use:

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply serum to age spots or uneven skin tone areas. For external use only. Do not use if seal is broken. To avoid contamination of product, use caution when removing the dropper from the bottle avoiding any surface or object other than the fingertip and the inside of the bottle. Store at room temperature 15 to 25 C (59 to 77F)

What is Gigawhite™?
Gigawhite™ is a novel skin lightener developed by Alpaflor Ltd from seven alpine plants that can brighten and even skin tone as well as reduce the color intensity of age spots.

Can I use ASL Serum with your other Serums, like the FRS?
Yes, you can use any of our serums in conjunction with any of our other products. Many people find these serums to be helpful in certain targeted areas of their skincare regimen, while some are great for overall use, like the Q10 and PHA Serums.

Can I use these serums with make-up?
Yes, Episilk™ Serums penetrate deeply into the skin quickly. A few minutes after application one can apply make-up without worry of it smudging or peeling off.