12 Days of Deals 2017

During our 12 Days of Deals we will be focusing on 12 parts of the human body.
Each of the 12 days we will discount four (4) products; one (1) from each of the following categories:
Herbal, Homeopathic, Supplements & Topical Products
The Rules
Online: Look for your daily email at 8am EST from Johnson Compounding & Wellness or watch our daily FB Live to see the daily deal.
 You will have until 11:59pm EST that day to take advantage of 20% OFF discount on the featured products.  
No discount code needed at check-out & you do NOT need to buy all 4 items to get the savings.
In-Store: As an added bonus for visiting our store we will offer all featured products in the 12 days of deals for you to purchase anytime between 12/13/17 & 12/23/17 at 20% OFF.   
These 12 Days of Deals will only be known ahead of time in-store; 
Online customers will have to watch for the daily email from us. 
Phone Orders accepted for Previous Day Deals during the 12 Days of Deals Promotion. P) 781-893-3870 Ext 3 - Ask for Melissa or Diane